We envision a world where people's choice of shopping can transform a life on the other side of the globe

Who We Are

i is a non-profit organisation that raises funds for the charities which we see as delivering the best bang for your buck. We do this by providing a very particular service – anyone can help raise donations by shopping at one of our many participating popular online stores, and all they have to do is access that store through the redirect links we have made easily available on our home page.

At an organisational level, we are officially registered as a non-profit Incorporated Association  (ABN 3345 4059 718) ,  and we are currently in the process of applying for charity status. Our organisation consists of 6 team members who all contribute with their feedback, creative ideas and planning for the future. We are a small team, which is great for streamlining our processes and keeping overheads to a minimum, so that we can guarantee a donation rate of at least 90% of the income we receive.

Who We Donate To

As a principal of our ideology we donate to people who are in distressing life situations, but which we can help with a relatively small monetary donation – in this way, we hope to make the largest possible impact on as many people as possible. We look at donating towards charities with the aim of saving lives (such as with malaria prevention), and also donating towards charities that dramatically improve the well-being of the people they support (such as with deworming programs) – giving people back the potential to be happy and contribute to their society. The geographic locations we target range from South America to Africa and Asia, but in particular, sub-Saharan Africa is a large focus for our selected charities. We discuss the details of how we select our charities, who our chosen charities are, and what their successes have been on our page Where Does The Money Go?

Our Service Model

Our donations are highly cost effective

We donate to the most cost effective charities we can find, meaning we can fund a deworming treatment for around 1USD, and provide a chemically treated mosquito net for around $4.50. Because of this, we help ensure that every time you use our service and make a purchase through one of's referral links, you will go on to tangibly help someone in need.

Our service is very easy to use

The core of our service philosophy is to keep things very simple and easy to use for you, our donators - and we've made sure to exclude all popups and registration to hinder your progress. Simply find and use our referral links from our home page - and once you've made a purchase through a paticipating online store, we take care of the rest to guarantee your donation reaches our selected charities.

Our service is free, and you pay no extra extra at checkout

The funds raised from your online shopping does not come out of your own pocket - instead the online store pays us a commission for driving traffic towards them, and we then donate a minimum of 90% of that income directly to our selected charities. With the opportunity cost of donating through us being absolutely zero, we encourage everyone to keep our service in mind before making a purchase online.

We have committed to a donation rate of 90% or more

Our organisational philosophy is to keep our expenses as slim as possible, so that we can donate as much of our income as possible to our selected charities. To ensure this continues into the future and under all situations, we have made the committment of donating a minimum of at least 90% of the income we receive from your shopping sessions - no excuses, no exceptions, ever.

Our Team

Within our organisation, we prefer to keep the focus on our work and on our mission, rather than on the personalities behind them. Nevertheless, for those who are interested, we provide a short description of the people involved.

Gerhard Fourie - Website Administrator, Chairman, Original Founder

Hi, I'm Gerhard! I am the original founder of this website, and remain active in all functions of the organisation. I was born in South Africa, and lived in Zambia and Zimbabwe before moving to Australia at the age of 16. Despite loving my new home country, the sense that there is a lot of charitable work to be done in third-world countries remains vivid, and I am very aware of the huge difference that a relatively small amount of money can make to people's lives.

I have been involved in website design for only 2 years as of now, but I have immediately fallen in love with the potential that the internet provides for helping humanity - which is an opportunity that has only arisen in the last generation. This website and its mission is my attempt to make as large a splash as possible in improving the lives of people in need, and my larger vision for the organisation is to become a world changing force for the betterment of humanity. There are tough questions and challenges in the future to be sure, and the uncertainties involved will require a lot of varied consultation, research and many hours of contemplation - but these will be obstacles well worth navigating.

Arnav Mathur - General Council, Deputy Chairman

Hi, I'm Arnav! First of all, I thank you for stopping by and checking our website out! It's safe to say that over the course of the past few decades technology has revolutionised our times - we are more connected as a global community than ever. As a result of which we are also more aware of the issues that face our global community.

In 2017, Australians alone spent a whopping $21.3 billion shopping online. Imagine if just 1% of that went to charities globally. That would mean around $200 million donated to charity just from a click of a button and no extra cost to the consumer. Well, that's exactly how powerful affiliate marketing is, and it is what we are aiming to bring to consumers all around the world. The easiest way to use this website is to simply store it in your favourites bar. Every time you would like to shop at one of our partnered retailers, simply click on the link through the website and it will redirect you to the retailer's website. It's as simple as that and there are no other hoops to jump through. We would love to hear from you so if you have any questions or queries feel free to connect with us through our Reddit forum or through Facebook. Happy shopping!

Our Remaining Team Members

We have four more team members, but which would prefer to keep their names private and offline. Nevertheless, we would like to thank them for all of their contributions in the form of constructive feedback, creative ideas, planning for the future, and for contemplating the deeper questions involved. We wouldn't be able to create the same quality of work without them.

Our Help From The Word Wide Web

Finally, we would like to thank all of the third-party internet users for the help that they have provided to us. We have made large improvements on the feedback and suggestions of different forum users, who have offered up their time to take a genuine look at our work, and then to share their thoughts and ideas. Your kind and useful efforts have been genuinely appreciated.