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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Donating through is very easy and requires minimal effort from you, the user.

The easiest way to donate is donate one of our browser extensions. Links can be found at the top of our home page. Once running from a 2 minute install, you will receive a popup when shopping at a participating online store. Simply click 'yes' to the 'would you like to donate question' and 95% of your commission will automatically be donated to our non-profits.

Alternatively, you can visit our page and select the store from our list you would like to shop at. Simply click on our referral link, and your purchase will automatically donate the 95% to the tree-planting non-profits.

Remember though, your purchase must be made within a given number of days (to be safe, within that web-surfing session) or else we won't receive the commission. So it is best to click on the link the same session as you make the purchase. Also, clicking on another website's referral link may void us receiving any commission.

No. The prices you pay at checkout will always be exactly the same regardless of whether you have accessed the store through our redirect links or have accessed the store directly.

As was said earlier, we guarantee that at least 95% of the income we receive as a commission of your checkout will be donated to our selected non-profits. But this commission is of course a smaller percentage of the sales price, and this commission rate differs between the different stores we partner with, and many commission rates vary on how many referrals we have driven towards that store.

As a result, giving a single figure answer for all purchases you will make isn't possible, but we can provide you with a reliable indication.

As a calculation, we assume that we will drive enough traffic to an online store to reach the higher tiers of their commission structure, and from there we only partner with stores that we find are paying well enough for us to donate 5% of the checkout price. Hence, you can be confident that on average, at least 5% of the checkout price will reach our selected non-profits - but in practice, this number is likely to be even higher at between 8% to 10%.

As we receive more data in the coming months (as we are only in the starting-up phase in 2019) we plan on delivering a detailed page on our internal financial statistics including the commission rates we receive in order to give you a very clear indication of exactly how much money reaches our selected non-profits for the different online stores we partner with.

The online store which you make a purchase with pays a commission to us - we then pool the money together, and within the 1st week of every month we donate at least 95% of that pool directly to our selected NPOs.

The main benefit our partnering stores receive is that we drive more traffic towards them, as many potential customers would prefer to do their shopping at tree-planting-supporting websites.

We have spent a lot of time finding what we believe to be the most effective tree planting non-profits. For us, these are:

You can use the links above to visit dedicated pages which explain exactly why we choose each of those non-profits. We are more than happy to discuss these choices if you have any particular comments and questions. Each of these projects offers something unique and special, but with the underlining theme of being very cost-effective with the donation they receive.

We really appreciate your support!

Spreading the word is a great way to help us out. Social media is probably the best way to reach dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people. Word of mouth to your friends and family is also hugely impactful, and every person joining in the cause can drastically improve the lives of dozens of people, and even save people's lives.

You can also provide a tremendous service to us by leaving feedback of your experience on one of our social media platforms. Links can be found in the footer of this page. In particular, we would find the following information very useful:

  • Did you have any technical issues while using our site?
  • Is there any aspect of this website you did not like?
  • Which aspects of the website did you like?
  • Do you have any creative ideas for how we can improve?

If you have any additional questions in mind not covered here, then other people are liking wondering the same thing - so we really appreciate your effort in asking us your questions which enables us to better understand what our users are thinking. The easiest way to get into contact with us is through one of our social media platforms. Link can be found in the footer of this webpage.