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About Us

Who We Are

i is a non-profit organisation that raises funds for the charities which we see as delivering the best bang for your buck. We do this by providing a very particular service - anyone can help raise donations by shopping at one of our many participating popular online stores, and all they have to do is access that store through the redirect links we have made easily available on our home page.

At an organisational level, we are officially registered as a non-profit Incorporated Association (ABN 3345 4059 718) . Our organisation consists of a tight team of members who all contribute with their feedback, creative ideas and planning for the future. We are a small team, which is great for streamlining our processes and keeping overheads to a minimum, so that we can guarantee a donation rate of at least 95% of the income we receive.

Who We Donate To

We have spent a lot of time finding what we believe to be the most effective tree planting non-profits. For us, these are:

You can use the links above to visit dedicated pages which explain exactly why we choose each of those non-profits. We are more than happy to discuss these choices if you have any particular comments and questions. Each of these projects offers something unique and special, but with the underlining theme of being very cost-effective with the donation they receive.

Our Service Model

Our donations are highly cost effective

We donate to the most cost effective and responsible tree-planting non-profits operating today, and because of this every $1 USD we raise plants better than 1 tree. This ensures that every time you use our service and make a purchase through one of's referral links (at near a 5% donation rate compared to your purchase price) how many trees can you plant every time you shop online?

Our service is very easy to use

The core of our service philosophy is to keep things very simple and easy to use for you, our donators - and we've made sure to exclude all popups and registration to hinder your progress. Simply find and use our referral links from our home page - and once you've made a purchase through a paticipating online store, we take care of the rest to guarantee your donation reaches the tree-planting non-profits.

Our service is free, and you pay no extra extra at checkout

The funds raised from your online shopping does not come out of your own pocket - instead the online store pays us a commission for driving traffic towards them, and we then donate a minimum of 95% of that income directly to our selected non-profits. With the opportunity cost of donating through us being absolutely zero, we encourage everyone to keep our service in mind before making a purchase online.

We have committed to a donation rate of 95% or more

Our organisational philosophy is to keep our expenses as slim as possible, so that we can donate as much of our income as possible to our selected tree-planting non-profits. To ensure this continues into the future and under all situations, we have made the committment of donating a minimum of at least 95% of the income we receive from your shopping sessions - no excuses, no exceptions, ever.